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Urban Design + Media

Founder, Tymn Urban is an experienced visual artist, web designer, photographer, and creative marketing specialist. Popular services include WordPress websites, logo design, custom illustration, photography, ad design, social media presentation, event promotion, and commercial print design.

Visual Communication Design

Urban Design & Media combines multiple art disciplines, media, and technologies to produce focused and effective visual presentations.  Whether your goal is to raise awareness, educate, persuade, or to simply entertain your target audience – we understand that effective visual communication design is your key to your success.

It's what we do...

• Creative Project Management • Design Consultation • Illustration • Digital Art • Logos • Photography • Retouch • WordPress Websites • Social Media Presentation • Marketing • Branding • Event Promotion • Banner Ads • Print Ad Design • Commercial Print Consultation • Page Layout • Sales Collateral • B2B / B2C • Business Cards • Brochures • Catalogs • Copy Editing • And More…

How can we help you?

Urban Design + Media is your visual communication design partner. We create solutions that align with your marketing goals and strategy. Your success is our success.

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Let’s talk about your next project. Simply choose a time that works best for you. We can meet by phone, at your office, or over a cup of coffee.

Design Spy Blog

Choosing The Right Colors

Choosing The Right Colors

Choosing the right colors plays a major role in the message and personality of any design or brand. While the meanings of color are largely subjective, they are critical to effective design. This article will help you to create beautiful and effective color schemes with meaning and purpose!

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The Gift of Social Sharing

The Gift of Social Sharing

Every time you share an idea with others and have a discussion about it, you improve yourself and your idea. Let’s face it, no single idea is original anyway. Really, it’s true. Allowing yourself the opportunity to talk openly (even with only a trusted few) about your genius idea will bring it out of the confines of your mind into the open where it can get a chance to stand on its own merit (or not). If you want to improve yourself and your idea, sharing does just that.

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Preferred WordPress Hosts

Preferred WordPress Hosts

While there may be many web hosting companies that offer what looks like a “good deal”, not all of them are as good as they promise. When it comes to WordPress hosting, it is especially important to use a service that is reliable and optimized for fast performance. I could provide a list of hosts to avoid, but that wouldn’t be very nice – plus I don’t want to start a flame war. Playing it a little safe here. Let’s just say that a lot of hosts are not up to date with the most recent versions of PHP and other current technology. Therefore, many hosts out there are simply sub-par when it comes to performance.

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